Tuesday, January 23, 2007

stay awhile...

There's a line by Shakespeare in Hamlet, where Polonius reads to the queen a love letter addressed to his daughter, Ophelia. Impatient, the queen interrupts, wanting to know if the letter was authored by her son, Hamlet. Polonius admonishes her saying, “Good madam, stay awhile. I will be faithful.” (Act II, Scene ii)

That scene reminds me of times where we get so impatient we just run along looking for the ending. We fail to see where the story is heading and we fail to read in between the lines...We get impatient.

Its like reading the end of a book before getting to the middle. Or like watching Star Wars for the first time. (dun ask me what the connection for that reference is)

And then you realise you shouldn't have had jumped the gun, or gone ahead of yourself. It spoils the element of surprise. It looses its mysteriousness. We should have read the book cover to cover or watched Star Wars 4-5-6 and then 1-2-3.

But Well God speaks to people in various ways and I'm glad I read a lot. Shakespeare's pretty cool. Especially when you realise "Good madam, stay awhile. I will be faithful" could be your message from The Big Guy today.


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