Tuesday, February 06, 2007

5 Things

Here's a meme of:
5 things you might or might not know bout me

1. I got the word Hoyden out of the dictionary.
I was looking for a screen name that starts with a "H" cause this guy i had a crush on had a screen name which started with a "H". Lame i know. But Hoyden kinda stuck right from high school till now.

2. I silently sing in the bathroom.
I make up words and hum a tune to a song and sometimes the lyrics are good but by the time i'm done with my hour-long shower, i usually forget what the song was about.
*I should probrably install a white board in the shower.

3. I have 4 blogs.
Some might think I'm schizo. But nahh.... I just compartmentalize myself.

4. I fear public speaking.
If I have to speak out loud in a group, I tend to rehearse the sentences in my head. Sometimes.... this even applies to praying in a small circle. I'm really an introvert. I kid you not. I get clammy and my heart starts pounding even.

5. I make lists.
Regardless of whether i stick to them or not, i still write my list of stuff to do, stuff to buy and I even have lists of do's and dont's.

Well since its a meme, i'll just tag whoever who actually reads my random nonsense. :-)

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Blogger Joshua said...

hohoho..next time u bathe at our place we're gonna ask u to sing louder..hahaa..eehh..we can form our own bathroom musician series...!!
..eh wait..that sounded wrong..

what's a 'meme'?

9:13 AM  
Blogger neo said...


I read ur random posts:)

tag me! tag me!

Mia's next program is called the Bathroom Musician's series. Ypu should give it a shot:)

3:09 PM  
Blogger hoyden said...

josh + liem: duwannn! phai seh!!
but yeay! i've got 2 readers! woohoo!
told you, you guys are my fav!

11:10 PM  
Blogger Jo said...


i think who was the guy with the H...


7:01 PM  
Blogger hoyden said...

and you shall forever keep that lil bit of information to yourself

2:53 AM  

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