Friday, March 23, 2007

i lie....

yupps its true.....i lie a lot....
well maybe not a LOT, but... a fair bit....
i caught myself fibbing when some internet friend asked me if i was attached. "YES" flew out of my mouth before i could think twice.
I knew if i said "no", he'd start hitting on me.
mel, you're so lame.

and then just recently someone asked if I was happy in my job... and again before i could stop myself, i said "Of course!! I love it!"
and then i remembered...... what job???

and more than often when people ask if I'm okay or if i've eaten, i smile a wide smile and say "Yeah!"

i claim i don't hate.....
that's sorta true.... but i do mutter obscenities at some people under my breath and curse the living daylights out of them.
But that happens for like 10 seconds. And then, i THINK i let it go.

ok i can't think of anything else i've lied about.....
but what a confession!
i must be running out of things to blog about...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so do u still liek me like you said you did???

your bf/gf

10:08 AM  
Blogger lenard said...


i lie too~

..... lame =P

4:11 PM  

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