Friday, March 16, 2007


What's life without it eh? I just wish it wouldn't hit me so often.
I like what i read today though:-
God could not be more direct. Give it up. He has had your life’s struggles, hopes and worries covered since before you were here. He’s given freedom from worry, as unbelievable as that sounds. Can you just see us, as one individual, as humanity, on God’s back needlessly yelling, "Where are we going?!", "Why aren't we there yet?!", "Why aren't you on MY back!?”—firing out our questions of who, what and where, all in an attempt to justify why we worry so much.

God has His finger outstretched, pointing, saying, "Look at this! Look what I made for you! Put your hand in Mine, let Me help you feel, smell, taste and see.” He hears our griping, yet refuses to abandon us; instead, He draws our attention to the moments dripping with opportunity to live, love and learn. But we callously trade these moments for the worrying about gaining these very things. What tragedy!
These days i let myself worry for a few hours, cry a bit if i have to and go to bed with a silent prayer. TRUST seems to be a big word for me. But I'm trying. Its hard to believe that He's got your back and He's got everything under control when you can't even see past your own two feet.

But I'm taking a chance. I'm believing for something great. Strangely, i feel assured that He'll see me through. Till then I'll look forward to opportunities where i get to live, love and learn.



Blogger Lexa Roséan said...

I like that. Praying for trust. Thanks for writing this message.

5:21 PM  

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