Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rock Goddess

When i was younger, i absolutely LOVED the whole hippie culture. I probably wasn't even old enough to understand fully what took place at Woodstock or whatever, but i was just blown away by the bracelets,bohemian dresses,long hair, flowers and lil peace signs and the energy of the crowd who'd come together to celebrate and just enjoy music. (among other things. heh.)

I was even more blown away when i first saw Rock Goddess, Alanis Morissette in concert way back in 95' or 96' and thought to myself "owh boy! i wanna be just like her!!!" Well not the Buddhist/Hindu part but just her whole aura and how she performed and how she sang and spoke and played the guitar. And how she was quite a feminist. I really appreciated her emotional honesty in her songs and that's when i started writing. =) I was just so taken up with her. I even learned a couple of her songs from 'Jagged Little Pill' and tried to jam with Jo. But we sucked obviously. =p

I thought she was the most gorgeous singer even with the Joker smile and quirky habits and all.
When she lost her signature long hair that was about the same time i chopped my locks off. And i thought, "Sweet!" and i didn't feel so bad about losing all my hair.

Well i stopped religiously following Alanis's career after her Under Rug Swept album but i did keep up with the news and caught a few tracks from her following albums. I can't really pin point my favourite track though, cause there's just too many to choose from! But one which i listen to
really often is from the Unplugged album called 'That I Would Be Good'. When she suddenly comes in with the flute, my hair just stands on end. haha!

I still admire her a great deal and guess what!!!!! She's been busy writing and is supposedly coming out with a new album this year! woohoo! Well one of the tracks is on her site so do check it out!!

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