Tuesday, June 12, 2007

10 things i'd like to do everyday

1. Wake up just as the sun rises. I love having an early start to my day. Of course that never quite happens thanks to the good ol' snooze button.

2. One step. To do one thing that takes me one step closer to actualizing this dream.

3. Write. A blog post or an article.

4. Design. I really do need to update this.

5. Feed you soul. Aside from the daily devotion, i think its important to be well rounded, and well fed with things that will stir you. Read! No gossip columns don't count and neither does The superficial. (gosh i love that site!)

6. Stick your head in the clouds. well that's how i feel when i'm daydreaming. But i guess you could also call it creative visualization. There is no limits to what you can do, so let your mind wonder.

7. Get educated. No education doesn't stop once you've gotten your Bachelors Degree or Masters. Go for seminars, invest in books or take extra classes.

8. Get healthy. Nuff sed!

9. Catch up. We stay this ALL the time. But then there's work and church and freelance and then there's just excuses. It probably just boils down to who's actually worth your time. *shrug*

10. Craft and stuff. Who knows, i might be selling some stuff on Etsy soon.



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