Saturday, June 16, 2007


i'm sooooo freakin tired right now i could just about snap at anyone who gets within 5 inches of my toes, nevermind bout stepping on them!

It's funny how your day starts off as being great cause you're with great company and then the day/the person just wares you down and you suddenly wish you were back in your lonely apartment staring at the 4 walls and the blank screen of your pc which has broken down again (and again).

speaking of which.... I will NOT be doing any freelance design work for a long long time. cause EVERYTIME i get an assignment, my pc decides to go bananas on me which results in me not being able to deliver on time, which then results in me producing slapstick work, which THEN results in my clients not paying me the initially stated ammount, which then results in me thinking that i'm the most horrible designer on earth and... owh nevermind. It ain't worth the rant.


i'm going to bed.




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