Monday, July 16, 2007


This post is a lil late. There was so much i wanted to say but maybe pictures would suffice.
My 21-year old cousin recently got married. And as much as I'm overjoyed for her cause she's 'all grown up' now, a teeny tiny bit of me is sad cause we wont be having any more sleep overs and giggling sessions.

Sheena's the best est cousin ever. We grew up together and played together, fought with each other and were up to so much of mischief you wouldn't even believe it if i told you. She came over to stay practically every weekend and we'd have a ball of a time talking till late and giggling under the sheets and making life miserable for my little sister.

This girl has been through a lot and we've been through a lot together. She really is my soul sister. She knows me inside out and i can say that about very few people.

She had the most awesome wedding I've been to. I was 2nd paparazzi so i had full view of everything that was going on and i even had to tackle some Arabs out of the way of my shot! (ok that was exaggerated but seriously, the place was swarming with Arabs who whipped out their cameras and camcorders as soon as she walked down the isle) She's by far the MOST beautiful bride I've ever seen. Darling, I love you to bits!

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