Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I wonder

i wonder how i gathered up the courage talk to you.
i didn't expect a smile and impeccable English.
Maybe your charming good looks helped too.
i knew u were middle eastern
i didn't think 'Iraq'

You were a number on my survey.
and i never got your name.
I knew you were a specialist
i never knew where you were looking to get into.
i know you were looking for an escape.
I'll never know if you made it out.

reading the news of Iraq's triumphant win on Sunday,
i thought of you.
were you on the streets rejoicing?
or were you somewhere still in hiding?

i'll never know what has become of you.
but i'll always wonder.
I hope you're doing alright.
I hope you made it and have found a safe haven here.


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