Tuesday, August 21, 2007

one hope, one life to leave a legacy

so after aeon's of not seeing this guy, he calls and asks me to help him with a recording.
and i'm like, ok shore, whatever.

and its friggin rainin' and he looks the same small boy, big boots and all.
and i'm like "wassup yo!"
and he's like, "wassup my nig**!"

and i'm like "yo ho i don't roll like that."
and he's like "owh. my bad, my bad."

and so we troop up the stairs to meet them other homies
and one or two are lookers if you know what i'ma saying.

so anyhoo, we rolled that sh** out and i sang between sniffles
and it went something like
"Que Sera Sera, what will be will be....
yada yada yada"
I ain't gonna give you the whole song!

Wait for the album from Vix Chandra aka Trix Champagne
aka jamntrix aka Candu aka vixyboy

ok i think that's enough nick names for now. and i suck at black talk.
so umm... yeah recording was great, i can't sing with the guides,
i should have done that whole "Thank you my babeh's," part
cause with this sore throat and flu i sure have that Phoebe Buffet thing goin on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

say hi to vixyboy a.k.a TEBAI for me :))))


P.s haven't been reading anyone's blog for a long time..till now. hope you're doing great darlin' *smoochie woochies*

10:17 AM  

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