Monday, August 20, 2007

peeping tom

After the awesome weekend in Melaka, i've come back to the hard hitting life in Kuala Lumpur. The land of traffic jams and heinous crimes.

Something happened last night which made me wish i was back in Melaka, chilling in Jonker instead of home alone in my apartment. I was on my bed reading my bible, and i happened to glance up and look out the window when i saw someone looking at me. Well i only saw a head and it dissappeared round the wall.

I got up, switched off my lights and sat on my bed again, looking out the window. And after awhile, the head appeared again!!!!!! He caught me looking at him and he quickly pulled his head back. I rushed and pulled my window shut and drew the curtains and went round closing all the doors and windows and curtains in my apartment.

I wish i knew the number for the guard house and i wished i knew a neighbour i could call, but i was totally and completely alone.

I called my mom and when she heard what happened she immediately said "Lizzie, get rid of that fear RIGHT NOW!!! For He who is IN you is GREATER that he that is in the world!!! And remember: For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind!"

And after hearing that i was reassured that no harm would befall me and nothing could ever touch me.

But there was anger forming inside me. I was angry that someone had violated my personal space. Angry that i let fear take over me, and angry that i couldn't do more than just shut my windows!

I slept with my lights on. Somehow i have this feeling like this dude's been watching me for some time. How could he have known my room was the one with the open curtains? We've got 24 floors and more than 20 apartments on each floor. How'd he know there was a girl living in that room?

I don't think people randomly peer over balcony's along the corridor unless they know there's something there to see.

Bastard! I'd curse you to oblivion if i was someone from the world of wizardy!

I was really shaking with fear but I thank God for his protection over me. I managed to sleep pretty well and i made a report this morning. Hopefully they catch the prowler and dig out his eyes or something.


Thanks mom for always knowing the right thing to say. Thanks Dear for praying with me and to Shannon and Jeff too for calling to make sure i was okay. *HUGZ*


Blogger RacH said...

Hey babe,

Like I said, thank God you're safe!! beeg hugg* And thank God for a cool mom. And surely Papa will look after you and knock the fella's head! Or save his soul. Either way it's good. :P

Let's continue to pray for protection upon us girls especially. The world is so sick these days. Lincoln's sis, Olivia just got confronted by a man with a knife at her hostel in UM.

2:05 PM  

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