Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mr. G

I've been reading this really cool blog (which i'm not allowed to mention) lately.
It took me ages to convince this person, (lets call him Mr.G) to start blogging and finally after my millionth request, he started. Slowly at first... but he's on full swing now!

And i absolutely lurveeee reading his blog. His character reminds me of the guy from Stranger Than Fiction only he's not as OCD. And i'm still waiting for him to find his muse and truly LIVE.

He voices out true sentiments and he can be extremely morbid one minute and confoundedly witty the next.

SO Mr. G, carry on writing! I salute you. =D



Blogger neo said...

I'm guessing Mr G.....

maybe its him....


12:31 AM  

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