Tuesday, September 18, 2007

old news

I'm sure many of you have experienced those times when something happens in your daily life and you go "I've GOT to blog bout that!" But you end up sitting on it and finally half a year goes by and its not 'news worthy' anymore.

Well here's what i've been meaning to blog about but yeah, old news; same shit different day, and all that jazz. =D

Honda City Vs. Proton Iswara
I got scraped by a Honda City who jumped queue and cut in front of me in the middle of a bumper to bumper jam. She didn't even apologize for hitting my car and  I couldn't get out to punch her face in (cause of the jam) and I couldn't honk at her (cause my horn is busted) and all i did was sit in my car fuming. But i've let go of all that anger. See I believe that what goes around, comes back around!

Tabung Celaka
I just started a 'tabung celaka' where I have to put in 50¢ every time i utter a profane word. All this started when a friend of mine said i curse too much. He said, "Although it sounds cute and all, please cut down!". So I'm trying. After all, wasn't it me who said 'People who curse have a low vocabulary' plus I think it's very unbecoming of a lady to curse. heh. And so i've got to be like REALLY honest and put money in that box even when I'm alone. Even cursing in my head warrants a fine. *smacks head*. I've got to go put another 50¢ in now cause i just cursed (above). ishh.

Proton Iswara Vs. YTL Cement truck
The above headline is true! A YTL Cement tuck really did try to kill me! I was heading towards the Touch 'n' Go booth and he cut in front of me and veered towards the 'Tunai' lane. If i had gotten his number plates i sure would have reported him. I know it's not nice to tell on your 'colleagues' but, he almost crashed into my car!!! stupid ass. (heck! another 50¢)

ok lah.... i think i've accumulated enough fines for one post.
more updates and a tally of fines collected, later this week.




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