Wednesday, September 12, 2007

please pray for her....

a writer i am supposed to be. but sometimes words just don't suffice. sometimes pain can't be measured or described. more than often, evil and unfairness seems to overule all things good and kind and you wonder how can this world be a beautiful place when u see and hear so much pain around you.

I know a lady who's been through hell from the time she was born. Adopted or just abandoned, she never knew. She doesn't know her birthday nor how old she is. She doesn't know her full name, nor her IC number. She's never owned a NEW pair of clothes and never knew what it felt like to go to bed with your mom singing a lullaby and kissing you to tuck you in for the night.

All her life her 'adopted' family has told her that she was unwanted and she should be grateful they're willing to put up with her. All her life she's been abused and neglected, forced to work for a meager income to 'pay them back for their kindness'

This lady, is about fourty years old. Blind in one eye cause of abuse, weak and sick because of neglect, broken and torn because she wasn't loved. Uneducated, but she speaks five languages. Her life's a mess, but her laughter can just perk up your darkest of days.

When i'm home for the holidays, she comes over more often than usual. She hangs out and watches TV, and always asks "Adik, lu ai kopi mai?" or "adik, ciak liau boi?" She complains teary eyed bout the abuse she goes through but always ends with a "tapi saya sembahyang pada Jesus..." and i assure her that indeed, "...Jesus loves you, and life WILL get better"

She came to us for refuge. I thought she would be safe but they took her away. Away from her Shiloh. Her place of refuge. I thought we'd be able to protect her. Assure her that the world's not so bad. Giver her a home, but most of all show her love.

But they took her away. Those evil people took her away!!! I cannot begin to describe what they might be doing to her right now. To hear of her plight might remind you of slaves in India. She was treated like dirt! Spat upon and beaten. Locked up, starved. Right here in modern-day Malaysia. How can people be so EVIL?????

Social services? The police? We'll begin the long process of setting her free. But how do you undo the damage caused?

I can only pray that You'll step in.
Lord i hope she remembers what we told her about you. I hope she knows that she's not alone.  I hope you'll send rescue. I pray for her safety tonight, I pray that they won't hurt her or abuse her. Lord please protect her....


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