Thursday, October 25, 2007

get art!

I got this news on Facebook from The Annexe, Central Market group.

The masses go to galleries.
The masses go home.
The masses tell themselves they are happy they get to see art, even though they cannot afford art.
Though they won't admit it, the masses really really just want to take art home. And sometimes, artists want the same thing too!
The Annexe now gives artists a chance to make their masses happy.

The Annexe is organising an art bazaar called ART FOR GRABS! on Sat 3 and Sun 4 Nov. It's strictly for art that is less than RM100. On that weekend, we also have a play, a theatre audition and a gig. So The Annexe is bound to be bouncing!

The fee for participation is only – you guessed it – RM100 for two days. You get a floor space 6 ft wide x 5 ft deep, and a wall space 6 ft wide and as high as you like.

You can sell your reject sketches, 5R photos, own music recordings, digital films, hand-painted t-shirts, hand-sewn dolls, photocopied zines, self-publised books, manifestos, etc. You can stick them to the wall, display them out on a table (bring your own!) or sprawl them on the floor. You can share it with your member-member or have it all to yourself if your ego can't handle sharing.

If this is something you have been waiting for, please call me now: 012 305 1135. Only 30 spots available. First come first served.

Hurry up, your masses are waiting!

Sounds cool, no? Anyone interested in going/joining?? =D


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