Friday, October 05, 2007

you made my day

I hear the footsteps as they shuffle, i hear the pages as they ruffle. The occasional sneeze and cough and light chatter from a few seats away.

Turning the pages of my paper i take a quick glance around. I notice some people avert their stares. I bury myself deeper into the boring edition i grabbed at the KTM station which i mistook for The Sun.

As i near my stop a guy approaches me. "May I know what's the time?"
That's a line i haven't heard in awhile thought I.

"It's 7.25." *smile*

"Ok thank you! Have a good day! Jesus Loves you!"

what?! I sit back stunned. That was unexpected. The train pulls to a halt and i rush to get off and find myself standing beside the guy who triggered a wave in my otherwise mundane morning.

He begins to talk about how much Klang has changed and KL too. He introduced himself as Mr. Koshy and explained that he was once a teacher in Klang. Talking about traffic jams and ridiculous drivers, he told me that he was once knocked down and broke 6 bones!

"Owh! that's horrible!" I said, but he proceeded to jabber on and get all the words out before we parted ways.

"I was lying in bed and JESUS healed me! He cleansed me not only physically but he washed away my past and healed me inside out and made me new again! I'm here today because of Jesus! Trust in Him! He makes all things new!"

Was this guy sharing the gospel with me? Smiling politely my mind was in a whirl. How long did this guy take to muster the courage to talk to me? Did i look all forlorn and lost and needed to hear about Jesus?

Did i not LOOK like a Christian. Stupid question. You look like any normal Jane with a face plagued with worries. Of course I needed to hear bout Jesus.

We parted ways with Mr. Koshy smiling and waving as he said again "Have a nice day! Trust in Jesus. Jesus loves you!"

Well i didn't tell Mr Koshy that i was a Christian. Cause frankly, i didn't feel like one. For a few moments I got to experience what it was like to be on the other side of the fence. Part of me was glad that he shared with me cause hey sometimes even Christians need to be reminded that Jesus Loves them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! that kinda experience only happened to me once before. was traveling on a bus back to ipoh when i sat next to this lady that started telling me about Jesus the whole way. twas kinda cool though. glad that made your day! :D


12:46 AM  
Blogger eric said...

divine encounter. make the most of it, don't just let it pass by... ;)

2:02 PM  

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