Thursday, November 08, 2007

the drive home~

Dad: So all set to drive back?
Mel: Yupps. just 5 more minutes.

Half an hour later....

Mel: ok lets go!

one hour later after making a stop for breakfast, short stop at Shannon's place and we were off..... 3 hours off schedule, but i was cruising at 120km/h and the weather was perfect, the traffic was smooth and we were enjoying the ride when i noticed a road block on the opposite lane....

Mel: OMG!!!!!
Parents: what?! did u forget something? what happened?
Mel: Get me my wallet!

everyone scrambles to look for my wallet.

Mel: Shit! my license expired last month!
Parents: BWAHAHHahahahahahah! Way to go Lizzie!
Dad: Pull over and i'll take over.
Mel: sighh.....


Blogger eric said...

way to go gurl!! :p so tell me... is it still EXPIRED at this point of time??

1:51 PM  

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