Saturday, November 17, 2007

simply naked

In all my years of visiting galleries and talking to artists, i've never come across a Malaysian artist who did nude paintings. Well maybe it's still sort of taboo to do nude art in Malaysia but today i attended my first ever exhibition on nude art.

The place where i work have got these amazing art galleries and the curators are REALY nice people. So today, i hopped on over to meet the gallery owners, interview the artist and view his paintings.

I might know how to appreciate nude photography but nude paintings are a whole lot different i tell ya. The figures are obviously all not a size zero but size doesn't seem to matter in a painting and no matter how flabby and disproportionated the figure looks, its still beautiful!

I think that's what i love most bout my job. (No not the nude paintings!!) Having the opportunity to meet people and discover new things, its like i learn something new everyday!

Owh and i tried on a half a million dollar watch/chain/bracelet thingy the other day.


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