Friday, November 09, 2007


- my bf/gf thinks that kissing me would be like a lesbian make out session. geezzz! he's got some real serious gender identity problems. =p

- my hair dresser is six months pregnant! She's gonna be one HOT momma!

- I just spent 1k on my car. UGHH! But I get to say 'i've got a new set of wheels!'

- my sisters play list sucks! Like who on earth is Busted or Myxx? Gahh!

- I forgot that people here don't speak English all that well. I've been struggling to communicate in Bahasa Malaysia, Hokkien and some sign language that looks like an exasperated rain dance.

- I think I need a new phone.

- I miss you. But next week's coming! so... yeay!

- Home is......... I guess some things just don't change.....


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