Tuesday, December 11, 2007

never ending...

The past few days have been a jumble of dates and events that i've lost track of time and haven't even seen the light of day in NINE days.
Today as things slow down and i sit at my computer trying to catch up with times, i realise its the 11th of December.

For a moment i catch a glimpse of the nine year old me. Still in my pajamas walking about the empty house in the middle of the night. Afraid.
Wondering why everyone had suddenly rushed out, and left all the lights on.
I walked downstairs to see my brother on the couch looking at the blinking Christmas tree. I join him there and we just waited.
I guess that's when i started being fearful of being alone. Afraid of being left behind.

My grandfather who was staying with us had had a heart attack. My parents had rushed him to the ER, where he collapsed and passed away a couple of hours later. My grandfather was cremated on the same day and his ashes scattered out at sea. He was with granny at last. He had dreams of her after her passing. I'm sure he envisioned the moment they would meet again.

Now he 's with her in eternity. The perfect love story.

15 years later, I look back and think.
That love story never ended. It just continued to grow.
With their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren....
We will always remember, their loved remained and it passed down....

I just hope, when my story continues...
it would be just as great. :)


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