Thursday, January 31, 2008

celebrity meet

Got to meet one of my favourite actresses while at work in Pangkor Laut Resort. Samaire Armstrong is famous for her role as Anna in The OC, Juliet in Dirty Sexy Money and Emily in Entourage.

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Monday, January 28, 2008


I met one of my favourite actress's today.
She hugged me after our shoot...

and i stepped on her toes....

oh gawd shoot me now.



Friday, January 25, 2008

KLPac Open Day

I've got to 'work' on Sunday for this event. So if any of you guys are free, do come on over! It's gonna be fun!

There's performances by Nick Davis, Brokenscar, Tony Leo, Sei Hon, Otam, Peter Brown & Markiza, a percussion demonstration;Stompers, some theatre workshops, short-film screenings, documentaries, Jam sessions, dance performances, photography showcases and so much more stuff!!!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


You always hear about people who ask God "Why do bad things happen to good people?" Being a Christian, you always hear answers like its all in God's plan.... and He has a bigger picture in view. Or God allows things to happen so you'll be stronger, and you get quoted a whole list of verses which tell you, every thing's gonna be alright.

I don't think I'm one to question God about a particular circumstance I'm in and i've never blamed God for any of the bad stuff that people go through.

But over the past few weeks, I've been wondering.....what plan could You possibly have that had to start off with creating a deformed child?

You see, my cousin recently gave birth to a precious little baby girl. But what no one expected was that, her eye socket never formed properly and her tiny legs are bent, she developed tumors in her head which are growing with her and the doctors say she might not live through her first year.

So what good could possibly come out of this dire situation? The family's broken and upset, but above all that.... they're hoping...for a miracle.... They're waiting, for that gust of wind, or that burning bush, that's gonna say "It's alright. I've got her in the palm of my hand"

But for now.... silence. As the magnitude of the situation sinks in.

One can't help but love that lovely little child. When she looks at you and smiles. I do not know if i should pray for her to grow up strong and bright, or to pray that she'll heal and come out of this alright. Or should I pray for her to... you know......

well I don't know what to pray for. For the first time, all that comes out is "Dear God...."

And I look at Him and know He's a loving God and I know he's got our best interets at heart and i KNOW He's a wonder working God and He can do miracles....

So yeah.... God.... just do YOUR thing alright. Make everything okay.

Monday, January 21, 2008

i've never...

I started of by listing all the things I want to do this year but then it got kind of cliche, and i thought it looked like a page on "1,000 Places to See Before You Die: A Traveler's Life List"

I obviously WANT to do a whole lot more than i did last year but sometimes.... shit happens. Well i made a list of things I've NEVER done/experiences.... and perhaps i'll manage some things on that list this year.

I've never broken a bone (ok this one i DON'T ever want to experience... but sometimes... i do wonder how it would feel)
I've never hitchhiked
I've never been out of state/country without my parents knowledge
I've never thrown a party and gotten completely sloshed
I've never celebrated/had an anniversary
I've never celebrated Valentines
I've never videotaped myself for YouTube
I've never paid taxes
I've never visited all of Penang Island
I've never thrown a chair/a plate/a vase in my life
I've never fully gone 'with the flow'
I've never let my guard down
I've never not planned
I've never finished a short story
I've never had a cat fight (haha! that's so beneath me)
I've never been a 100% honest in "Truth or dare"
I've never dirty danced
I've never managed to stay up during The Godfather marathon
I've never played Metal Gear/Hitman/Quake/C&C/WOW (and i'm never going to)

...this is getting wayy too long....
But looking through that list... i think i need to take more chances this year...


Monday, January 14, 2008

how to

How to change your guitar, which broke a string, while singing at a gig and at the same time, look cool doing it. Gee i don't know if that sentence was constructed right, but owh well, just watch the video.

check out Farewell Typrewriter

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

awesome fashion photography

I came across this astounding photographer and I REALLYY love his pictures!
Check it out:

Owh btw, my colleague who was blown away by Akif Hakan Celebi asked:
"So nice! Do u have any hot friends that wan to be photograph naked?...For my portfolio……..."

So if you're interested, gimme a buzz.


Saturday, January 05, 2008

and old sort of new

Jo says that  every day that I don't blog, a puppy dies. So yeah... i can't have those puppies lying on the streets dead so I'm blogging. You happy now Jo?? :p

To end on a happy note... its still Christmas (by my books) and its been a good four years of blogging this January!
But i feel the end is near. I think i say this every year. heh.
I must soon take my leave and well.... grow up.

Its 2008, and i realise, I'm pretty much still me. Emotional, bitchy at times but still extremely nice. (not my definition)
Well my new years didn't particularly head off with a good start, but it kinda veered towards 'better' towards the end. And i realise, that gosh, this year's gonna be harder than i thought it would be.

But i've a feeling that December won't feel as crappy as January feels right now. Cause there's Switchfoot in February, album launches, art expos and birthdays and anniversaries and Christmas all over again. Its like the same old of last year brought to you with the brand new of this year. So I hope you're all prepared for a spanking new year!