Saturday, January 05, 2008

and old sort of new

Jo says that  every day that I don't blog, a puppy dies. So yeah... i can't have those puppies lying on the streets dead so I'm blogging. You happy now Jo?? :p

To end on a happy note... its still Christmas (by my books) and its been a good four years of blogging this January!
But i feel the end is near. I think i say this every year. heh.
I must soon take my leave and well.... grow up.

Its 2008, and i realise, I'm pretty much still me. Emotional, bitchy at times but still extremely nice. (not my definition)
Well my new years didn't particularly head off with a good start, but it kinda veered towards 'better' towards the end. And i realise, that gosh, this year's gonna be harder than i thought it would be.

But i've a feeling that December won't feel as crappy as January feels right now. Cause there's Switchfoot in February, album launches, art expos and birthdays and anniversaries and Christmas all over again. Its like the same old of last year brought to you with the brand new of this year. So I hope you're all prepared for a spanking new year!


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