Tuesday, January 22, 2008


You always hear about people who ask God "Why do bad things happen to good people?" Being a Christian, you always hear answers like its all in God's plan.... and He has a bigger picture in view. Or God allows things to happen so you'll be stronger, and you get quoted a whole list of verses which tell you, every thing's gonna be alright.

I don't think I'm one to question God about a particular circumstance I'm in and i've never blamed God for any of the bad stuff that people go through.

But over the past few weeks, I've been wondering.....what plan could You possibly have that had to start off with creating a deformed child?

You see, my cousin recently gave birth to a precious little baby girl. But what no one expected was that, her eye socket never formed properly and her tiny legs are bent, she developed tumors in her head which are growing with her and the doctors say she might not live through her first year.

So what good could possibly come out of this dire situation? The family's broken and upset, but above all that.... they're hoping...for a miracle.... They're waiting, for that gust of wind, or that burning bush, that's gonna say "It's alright. I've got her in the palm of my hand"

But for now.... silence. As the magnitude of the situation sinks in.

One can't help but love that lovely little child. When she looks at you and smiles. I do not know if i should pray for her to grow up strong and bright, or to pray that she'll heal and come out of this alright. Or should I pray for her to... you know......

well I don't know what to pray for. For the first time, all that comes out is "Dear God...."

And I look at Him and know He's a loving God and I know he's got our best interets at heart and i KNOW He's a wonder working God and He can do miracles....

So yeah.... God.... just do YOUR thing alright. Make everything okay.


Blogger afu-chan said...

i believe it too - that God makes bad things happen for a reason.

mite be our past, mite be our future.

sometimes when bad things happen to good people i know, i look to the past, and i look to the future, and i say to myself, it happens because

(1) i (or anyone close to me) have sinned so this is a way He gives us forgiveness.

(2) it is a way to teach us, eg to teach us to care for others - maybe we've been too selfish and mite get worse as time goes by, but when this sorta thing happens, we suddenly slow down and we learn to care for others.

(3) He wants us to score extra points with this challenge, to see if we are strong n responsible enuff to earn His love.

and as for the child - i always think of them as the bringer of God's love to us. He bestows the child for us to love and care n get the pahala, so think about how much He loves the child too, how special he is.

we believe that if a child dies young, and his parents were sinners, in the next world, he would cry as the parents are thrown to hell. and then God would ask lovingly why is he crying, and he would answer that he didn't have the chance to get the parents' love on earth, and now they'll be thrown to hell. and then God would pujuk him compassionately and say go child and take your parents hands and lead them into the heaven with you.

just to share on my belief... :)

never stop caring, and never stop hoping mel! :)

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