Monday, January 21, 2008

i've never...

I started of by listing all the things I want to do this year but then it got kind of cliche, and i thought it looked like a page on "1,000 Places to See Before You Die: A Traveler's Life List"

I obviously WANT to do a whole lot more than i did last year but sometimes.... shit happens. Well i made a list of things I've NEVER done/experiences.... and perhaps i'll manage some things on that list this year.

I've never broken a bone (ok this one i DON'T ever want to experience... but sometimes... i do wonder how it would feel)
I've never hitchhiked
I've never been out of state/country without my parents knowledge
I've never thrown a party and gotten completely sloshed
I've never celebrated/had an anniversary
I've never celebrated Valentines
I've never videotaped myself for YouTube
I've never paid taxes
I've never visited all of Penang Island
I've never thrown a chair/a plate/a vase in my life
I've never fully gone 'with the flow'
I've never let my guard down
I've never not planned
I've never finished a short story
I've never had a cat fight (haha! that's so beneath me)
I've never been a 100% honest in "Truth or dare"
I've never dirty danced
I've never managed to stay up during The Godfather marathon
I've never played Metal Gear/Hitman/Quake/C&C/WOW (and i'm never going to)

...this is getting wayy too long....
But looking through that list... i think i need to take more chances this year...



Blogger auds said...

yea. lets film ourselves for youtube. lol! :P

1:10 PM  

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