Monday, March 03, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl

I hear that online tv is the next big thing.
Makes a lot of sense considering we spend almost 15 hours a day online (ok maybe that's just me)

Well there's this competition taking place. Somewhat like America's Next Top Model. It's called Malaysian Dreamgirl.

And one of the finalist is this really exotic looking girl who was also on the cover of Female's February issue. She was on Project Runway and her designer won the competition!

Yes i'm talking about Aberami Jaishana. (WHoa! Gempak nama nya!)

She's really smart and an extremely nice person who is just insanely good looking! She's got that Indian Goddess appeal coupled with wit and she's truly down to earth.

I think she's got a fresh face and its rare to see one of those these days in Malaysia. A lot of pretty girls look like carbon copies of the other but not Jaishana. She's got a very individual quality about her. And I really hope she ends up as the FIRST Malaysian Dreamgirl!


Anonymous Steph yong said...

lol too bad the contestants are eliminated/kept on due to the number of votes and not actually based on their modeling skillz. Abs looks gorgeous though :)
Go go go Mel's ex roomie!!!

5:54 PM  

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