Wednesday, March 26, 2008

what a dud!

It's been a loonnggg day and i'm zonked.
Even after the foot spa treat, my feet are killing me!!
Leave it to two 50-year-old (plus!) ladies to wear me out...

Well I got home not too long ago.....
as i parked my car and got out, i realised.... someone tried to pry out my indicator lights.
stupid thing is only held together by double sided tape. (WTH?!!!)
and yes i made it worse by poking and prodding (and yanking it too)

And then as i was approaching my apartment, i got my keys and started pressing this black button and wondered why there was no beep and my gate didn't unlock.

I apparently tried to open my gate with my car alarm button.


*smacks head*

I am officially a dud.


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