Sunday, June 29, 2008

i need Ibuprofen

I've been at the gym for the past two week (5 visits in total) and you know what..... i don't think its working out too well....We've got this whole love-hate relationship going.

You see, I LOVE working out and pushing myself and then waking up the next day and feel all my muscles ache, and then I push myself some more, cause my coach used to say, 'Pain is good!' and I guess all the physical pain helps me forget the emotional ones.

But heck its been 3 days and my right arm is killing me! I think i have an Inflammation of the triceps tendon.

It hurts when i bend my elbows, or when i straighten it, it hurts when I drive, it even kept me up all night!

So now its in a bandage cause the doctors boyfriend said it should help.

stupid gym sessions. hmmph.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

swallowed by the city

There's where I work.
Some days I sit still and watch the rushing traffic and people bustling by.
It's rather amusing when you catch people dressed in fur boots and 3-layers of clothing right in the sweltering heat of Kuala Lumpur.

But some days I just wish i could substitute all that for a quiet lil' cafe on the highlands or on some far away island.

Owh I wish.....


Thursday, June 26, 2008

book trade

This is a picture of a wall of shelves in my room. I basically combined 4 shelves which I got from Jusco for about RM21 each and there you go! It looks rather messy in that picture but I've revamped it a lil cause my collection is growing.

I spend hours rearranging my books every couple of months. I'm a lil bit anal when it comes to books. Right now I have them arranged by Genre and author. One section is for my design books, one for comics and magazines, one for classics, Christian authors, Asian Authors and never-heard-of-before authors, and one section is dedicated to my notebooks.

Yupp I collect little notebooks and various other knick-knacks and you can even see my ribbon jar in that picture, my Roger Rabbit figurine, various hand creme's and boxes of cd's.

Now on the bottom shelf I have three of John Grisham's and one Stephen King Novel which I want to trade in for something else. I have never read John Grisham nor Stephen King and I don't think I ever will, so if anyone of you want to trade those for something else I'd be very delighted!

Email me at melisa.ann [at] gmail [dot] com if you're interested in swapping or if you want to GIVE me books or if you want to RETURN books which you've borrowed or if you've seen one of your books in there and you want it back like right this instant.

**psstt! Can you spot the library book?


Sunday, June 22, 2008

boys are stupid

so.... hokay....
you know what's really gross.....
you... explaining your sexual experiences.

I DON'T wanna know!!

and then there's you, sharing your wildest fantasy.
That's just freaky.
If you wanna hank-a-doodle, don't tell me about IT!

And you.... I'm appalled, that you told me about some BJ experience.
C'mon dude have you no RESPECT for a lady???
I REALLLYYYYY didn't need/want to know about it.

What the *bleep* is wrong with guys these days????
Keep your experiences TO YOURSELF.
I am NOT 'one of the guys'.
SO have some respect and stop dishing your trash out to me!!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One Year

Today marks my one-year tenure in my current company. It's been exactly a year since I made my way by train to this crazy part of KL town and found my desk and crappy laptop which enabled me to blog at any time and chat and surf all on the pretext of 'research'.

I know I have many many more years to go to be where I aspire to be at, but so far, the journey has been pretty great. I've met with people I've only seen on TV previously and interviewed celebrities while trying to contain my excitement and trying not to lean over and give them a hug/kiss. I've tried on million-dollar watches and jewellery, and have seen the rarest of diamonds but hey, it's just part of my job.

This is actually my fourth job since graduation and my sixth job since I finished high school. So yeah I've had my fair share of crummy jobs.

I got my first job at 17 cause i figured I needed to step out of my comfort zone. I was a banquet waitress for a few months and I totally sucked! I spilt Chinese tea on a few people, refused to dish out the sharks-fin soup and was extremely rude to the people who were rude to me. I guess the term 'the customer is always right' or 'service with a smile' didn't really sit well with me. Plus, I really am a KLUTZ!

A couple of years later, I got a really cool job at KLue where I was the editorial intern. Although I was studying for a degree in advertising, i wasn't doing design AT ALL. Well I got a few photos published and a few write-ups as well. Best part of this job; freebies of course! There was free gigs, free food, free booze and lots of 'culture'. Heh.

After graduating, I was one of the last to get a full-time job. I did events for a while, you know those promoter/receptionist/stand there and look pretty jobs and did some freelance writing and designing. But you know, you really can't live on RM400 a month. So I got this semi-full-time job which paid RM600 and I was designing for a small advertising newsletter.

Here I was living in KL, paying for bills, tithes, my car, petrol and food with RM600. I have no idea how i survived but I did! Practically starved and had no social life whatsoever. I went full time after awhile and was earning RM1200 with no epf deductions! (That's illegal btw)

Two times more but still shitty. I was the lowest paid graduate among my friends and to top that, I had the worst luck! I got 3 parking tickets in ONE week, had my gear box DIE AND of course found myself homeless all in one month. But all turned out well and after struggling for 8 months, I found a new job!

Here I was a multimedia designer and I had really GREAT colleagues. They were really fun and I think we did more talking than designing but I was having a blast! But I wasn't sure what my role was. Copywriter/Designer? Anyway, due to some creative differences, I was let go. Yupps. Sucked BIG TIME.

What's worse than losing your job? Feeling like you just threw your education down the drain cause you suck at what you're supposed to be good at. Its like a musician who can't play a C Chord. Or a doctor that doesn't know how to find your pulse.

Freelancing didn't help this time (cause i apparently sucked at writing AND designing) so i decided to take a job at a recording company. I was an administrative assistant which is basically a more glamour way of saying receptionist and I took a RM400 pay cut.

This was the most boring job ever, but i did get to meet a few local celebs and got to see how the recording industry works. And I had fun although it was just for a few months. Listening to music ALL DAY and checking out new albums can be pretty rewarding.

And then i got my big break! Someone recommended me and I got a job as Writer for one one the biggest companies in Malaysia! Through it all, I never stopped praying or thanking God for providing. Like seriously, can you imagine living on RM600 a month? RM1200? RM1600? I know many people do and some with kids and far more expenses that I had.

But you know what, Ive learned to not complain bout price hikes and low bonuses or even for not getting an increment. The Big Guy provided for me then, and He always will.

I think we get the best experiences of life through hardships and I've learnt SO much over the past couple of years and I hope that you guys who have just graduated or are looking for jobs or those of you who are in that transition period will not lose heart but rather learn to discover yourself and strive to be better cause you were made for so much more than this.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I've been pretty busy with a pet project and am trying to revive the designer in me.
But I think I need help.
Wordpress is killin me!
Boy do I LOVE blogger...
Anway, this is Version 3 of NAGLP!


Friday, June 06, 2008

Quote of the week

“The most beautiful clothes that can dress a woman are the arms of the man she loves, but for those who haven’t had the good fortune of finding this happiness, I am there.”Yves Saint Laurent
This is one of my favourite fashion quotes by the late Yves Saint Laurent, which made me feel lucky in a way although i know I'll never own a YSL dress, at least I've got those arms he was talking about, to complete my outfit. =p


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bachelor No. 3

Many of you are well acquaintd with Bachelor No 3. Likened to Mr. Casanova himself, Neo Wee Liem hails from the historical city of Melacca and has a Bachelors Degree in ... ummm .... something related to Engineering.

This stunning lad stands at 6'2" and has a remarkable athletic build. He once went for IF camp had the entire dorm of girls fall for him with just one wink. (Not me though. I used a pretty-boy-repellent, which obviously worked!)

Wee Liem is the kind of lad you'd want to bring home to your parents. My mom once noted that "He's such a nice boy, and he's cute too!" So yes, even mothers fall for his charm. Which is completely genuine by the way!

Owh i forgot to mention that Wee Liem is a musician and plays in a band called Under Headlights. (I know you'd appreciate this plug)

Besides being a sensational rockstar, Wee Liem knows how to sweep a girl off her feet.

He does really nice stuff like buy you presents when he's on holiday and calls you out of the blue to tell you he misses you but his one special trait that I like best is his ability to be your bf/gf.

Yes you heard me right! If you need a boyfriend, to take you out on dates, accompany you to dinner or peel your prawns for you he'll be there! And he'll even offer to hold your hand or give you a kiss for the full boyfriend experience. (Be warned!!)

Or if you need a girlfriend to share juicy gossip, or indulge in ice-cream and chocolate cheese cake, he'll do that for you too. And again...he'll even offer to hold your hand.... yes he's versatile.

Btw, I thought I should mention that Wee Liem's mom makes the most wonderful Chocolate cheesecake and if his looks dont make you wanna date him, the cheesecake will!


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

a clink for 'today'

Postcard from PostSecret

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Monday, June 02, 2008


This is one of my favourite local artist. She's just so awesome! Unfortunately I've only been to one of her gigs but that was enough to get me hooked on her. (Don't worry Chingz, I still love you too!!!)
Check out Yuna below.

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