Sunday, June 29, 2008

i need Ibuprofen

I've been at the gym for the past two week (5 visits in total) and you know what..... i don't think its working out too well....We've got this whole love-hate relationship going.

You see, I LOVE working out and pushing myself and then waking up the next day and feel all my muscles ache, and then I push myself some more, cause my coach used to say, 'Pain is good!' and I guess all the physical pain helps me forget the emotional ones.

But heck its been 3 days and my right arm is killing me! I think i have an Inflammation of the triceps tendon.

It hurts when i bend my elbows, or when i straighten it, it hurts when I drive, it even kept me up all night!

So now its in a bandage cause the doctors boyfriend said it should help.

stupid gym sessions. hmmph.

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Anonymous mystic said...

gosh...i hope you get well soon, dear. last time i went gym for 2 weeks (10 visits in all. Yes, every working day!), i had to have a CAT scan after that.

11:33 PM  

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