Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are we safe anymore?

The story I heard this morning caught me really struggling with various emotions which ranged from anger to angst back to anger and then utter bewilderment at the state of our society today.

Someone whom I love very much was attacked as she and four of her friends stood at a bus stop in Seksyen 17 at approximately 1am this morning.

Well first of all, they were indeed silly to be at a bus stop that late at night. But they figured 'safety in numbers' and thought nothing of it.

There were three silly girls and two boys who were at the bus stop that morning. One of the girls saw 6 guys on 3 bikes approaching the bus stop and instinct told her to "get the hell outta there!" She yelled at her friends to run and dashed to safety while the other 4 were caught, beaten up and robbed of their belongings.

You hear bout stuff like this happening every single day but you never imagine the magnitude of it unless it happens to someone you actually know.

What makes our streets in KL any different from the roaring crime neighborhoods in New York?

We have guns, knives, gangs, robbers, rapists and the likes in our streets. Our little third-world-country has first-world-crimes too.

If you're living in Petaling Jaya, or anywhere in Kuala Lumpur... be safe alright. Maybe all Malaysians in general should be weary!

Don't carry more cash or belongings than you need to. Be alert at all times. And for heaven's sake don't be out on the streets so late at night!

Exercise wisdom and caution. If people can get robbed on a crowded street in broad daylight.... what more at night?

What do you do when something like this happens? Do I blame the five 18-year-olds for being out on the street so late at night?

One can't help but wonder...What's wrong with the society we live in? What would cause 6 guys to attack random strangers? What would cause a young man to lose his moral or spiritual values and behave in an inhumane manner?

A group initiation? For money? Or for the pure joy of seeing the helplessness in the faces of their victims? What drives people to commit such crimes?

It's sick really.

But we close one eye and give a shrug.

Some would say, "Mat Rempit, what do you expect?"

While most others retort saying, "Its not like we can do anything."

But I wonder.... what can a Malaysian like me, or you do to make a difference in this city with an increasing deludge of crime...

Sometimes I wish crime busting heroes like Batman and Spiderman were real....
Are they?

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