Thursday, September 11, 2008

scribble, scratch and scrawl

When I hear a catchy phrase or a quote worth remembering i write them down.

I have an obsession with quirky, creative websites and blogs and i write those down too. Well sometimes i blink them or have a notepad titled "stuff" on my desktop to paste random flickr/youtube/myspace pages i come across.

I always feel the need to compartmentalize things although I am known to be a bit hodgepodge when it comes to organizing. 

Well... to try and keep my thoughts and ideas in tact, I have an assortment of journals/notebooks. While some are inactive, some dates back to my early teens and some even way before that.

My mom claims to still find little notes and paper with scribbles tucked into various corners of the house.

You see, I talk far less than I write. Letters of apology, encouragement, explanations, to do lists, sermons, etc.

I'd deal with words than numbers any day!

I think its hereditory. My grandfather had stacks of notebooks too, filled with thoughts and bible passages and various highlighted quotes. His were a stack of old exercise books - the ones you used at school, with the brown paper cover and the words "Nama | Darjah/Tingkatan | Subjek" 

While mine are... just pretty!

When i'm gone, i hope my loved ones would have a field of a day sorting through my thoughts and trying to discover what went on in this head of mine.

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