Saturday, November 29, 2008


So i'm sitting here in Starbucks.... feelin like one of those yuppies, only i'm dressed in an oversized T-Shirt and look like i'm about ready for bed.

This is probably the first time ever since MMU that i'm broadband-less. When i graduated, and moved to Bangsar, I actually had my broadband set up before I even unpacked my boxes!

Well now.... at my new place, we haven't set up our phones and internet yet.... but i'm still doing ok. I had DVDs to occupy my time and my books, but today..... i just wanna feel connected.

So here I am, drinking a Mocha Ice Blended - which i'm sharing with my sister, since we have only 15 bucks between us - sitting in pretty cosy chairs which a hundred other people have sat in before me - and i'm feeling a lil paranoid - like everyone's looking over my shoulder.

But anyway, the music's just right and kinda fits my mood at the moment - which is bodering between a contemplative grey and a depressive white. And as I was saying.... i need to feel connected....

But maybe..... broadband's not what I need right now....



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