Saturday, November 01, 2008

Weekly Picks

In one of our courses at university, we did a whole semester of Photography. While people these days traipse around with their flashy digital SLRs, i had to sling my huge fully analog SLR which weighed like 1 tonne over my neck and manually adjust my focus which always came out a little blurry cause eyes aren't all that sharp.

Over the years, i've come across many sites on photography and while some use a heavy dose of Photoshop, some just appear spoilt but yet beautiful. Like Lomo or even Polaroids.

I've recently stumbled upon a few sites which combine two of my favourite things in the world...words and photos.

I hope you'll be inspired by them. :)

I Wrote This For You - by Iain S. Thomas but I think the photos are from someone totally on the other side of the world from him.

Jesh de Rox - sent by Jason Ding. You can't help feeling like you're in love.
also read his blog here and and interview here.

unPhotographable - my daily dose of inspiration

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