Wednesday, December 10, 2008

in pain

It's day seven and I'm absofcklutely tired. My eye balls hurt and my head is pounding.
The words seem to be running round the page and blurring in and out.
Every time i breathe my chest hurts and I've got this intense pain which pierces right through to my shoulder blades.
My feet hurt and my back hurts cause i've been on my toes all day.
Yes I'm whining.

But on the bright side... I've got only four more days to go! Then I get to go home, sleep on my own bed, see my roomie, and basically LIVE. This hotel life and living out of a suitcase is soooo not me.

And something else that cheered me up today - my bestie called me! We caught up, talked about Christmas Trees, had a good cry and boy am i missing you loads babe.



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