Thursday, January 15, 2009


I was looking through the news today and i came across this article about a girl who is selling her virginity to the highest bidder so that she can pay for graduate school. and i thought it was just complete bizarre that someone would do that and I suppose people do go to such extremes when it comes to money.

So i turned around and asked my friend what he thought of it and he said, "It's brilliant! Wouldn't you do it?" And I said no, of course not. And then began the most ridiculous argument which involved two guys and a girl talking with much conviction about sex, virginity and money.

O: You really wouldn't sell your virginity for $2.5 million dollars?
M: Nope.
J: But why not? What about $5 million or better yet... make it $1 billion.
M: I still wouldn't. It's silly and frankly quite degrading.
J: But what if you had no money, you're living on the street and you had to have sex with someone in order to survive.
M: Hmm... I still wouldn't. There's more to living than money right?
J: You just say that now. But I bet when you're put in that situation, you'd do what's necessary to survive.
M: *shrug*
O: Come on Mel, your virginity is over rated. How bout this - You get two million if you offer your boyfriend?
M: WHAT? That's insane!
J: Ok. You get two million if you get raped and your boyfriend gets one million if he gets raped. That's 3 million if you BOTH get raped. Now that's a lot of money. You'd still pick virginity over money?
M: Dude, its not about virginity. It's more about dignity now. Why would I want to be the girl who picked money over principles and honour?
J: That's just stupid. You could be rich, get a new life, leave the country and start over!
M: I'd still say no. I'd pick a third option. Kill me if you have to.

By now, both guys get really worked up and stares at me disbelievingly.

O: ARE YOU SERIOUS? You'd pick death?
M: Yea I probrably would.
O: Mel, a person's main instinct is to survive and you choose death? What's wrong with you?
M: It's just a choice. I'd rather choose death than be the girl who picked to give up her principles so easily.
J: Well they'd martyr you. You'd be Melisa - Patron saint of the poor, the just and the pure.

Then everyone just laughs it off and we all go back to work but I'm still thinking bout it. Would I really choose death?

What would you do?


Blogger auds said...

i'm sorry. i'm laughing at jason for 2 million.

6:03 PM  
Blogger Deric said...

I commend you for standing up for your principles, Mel. :)

As they say, you wouldn't know until the rubber hits the road. That's why we have principles.

9:44 AM  
Blogger nwcx said...

wow substance!(not that you're usually not of it :Þ) great stuff!

I think its a more a matter of values than principle. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean principles are bad, I'm all for it! But the issue should be seen from the "value"'s perspective.

What Do You Value? If you value dignity over money then you'll see the situation that the girl is in as "bad" and vice versa.

Now, people have their own set of values and principles. To each its own, they say. But all we can do is challenge each other's paradigm (woah heavy word). Sometimes we win sometimes we lose. But the point here is not about the win, its about the philosophical beauty of asking the right questions, stating a stand, posting a challenge.

Woah. I'm sorry I posted my own blog post here in your comments. I'm gonna have to start a blog soon. So stay tune :) Too many ideas, thoughts, voice going to waste these days. Not just mine but everyone's.

11:56 PM  
Blogger weeliem said...

hehe...jason getting raped? hehe:p

1:53 AM  

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