Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weekly Picks

Its been pretty tough this week to sort through all the various link cause they're all REALLY good! There have been various sources which have been such a BIG inspiration to me and have gotten me off my butt and pursuing the things which I'm passionate about. Well I hope you'll be inspired too by this weeks picks!

- My favourite designer of all time

- Good way to make your passengers listen to airlines safety announcements

- La mode fran├žaise est chic (Btw she dates The Sartorialist)

- Army of Three's official music video! (Produced & Directed by Chern Liang yo!)

- And this is a shameless personal plug for Earth Hour. I've just organised an unplugged concert and it would REALLYYY mean a lot if you, yes you... or anyone... (anyone??) would come. So pls drop by and holler at me ~



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