Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Jo!

To my darling Jo,
I haven't seen you or heard from you in eons and I miss you tons but I hope you have an awesome birthday and I hope you don't have work over time tonight although I think most probably you are. I think HKL needs to get more doctors and start leaving their housemen alone to like celebrate birthdays and chill with their girlfriends and stuff.

SO anyway... I just wanna say I'm so glad to have you in my life and I'm really really sorry for giving you a worm on your 11th Birthday and made you cry.
(I thought it was pretty funny though. Not very nice but funny. :D )

Well have a good Birthday babe! And I Love you loads!!!

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Blogger Jo said...

AWWWWW BABE!!! i miss you so so so so so much..
soooo many things to talk to you about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.hugs and much kisses!!!
cant wait for saturday night!!!

10:36 PM  

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