Friday, April 24, 2009

survival tip

I've been told that i take REALLLYYY long showers. And i won't deny it. Cause I just loveee water. I used to wash my hands everytime I passed a tap. It's not OCD I assure you. I just like water.

A lot.

So anyway.... with all this talk about conserving energy and water consumption and green living, I thought I'd just look up some ways of how I can save water at home. We don't use that much water to begin with. Our bills are a bare minimum that we don't even have to pay for water usage. But doesn't hurt to use less anyway right.

Well good ol Wikipedia led me to something called the Navy Shower. It's a 'method of showering that allows for significant conservation of water and energy'.

Basically, you turn on the shower - wet your body - turn off the water - soap up and scrub - and then rinse.

Total shower time = under two minutes.

Impressive, no? So now you know what you have to do if you're ever stuck on a ship with limited water supply. :D

Now go try it and let me know how that works out for you. Ladies.... you don't wanna come out with legs half shaved though.

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