Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weekly Picks

It's been a long long week. I've spent an extremely large amount of time surfing instead of say... reading my bible. And I've spent my entire evenings watch Joan of Acadia instead of (again) reading my bible. I need to prioritize more. Gahh.
Well enjoy these weeks links. :)

- Comic with a twist. Reality meets vector characters

- Decerology. Anything and everything you need to know about interior design and decorating.

- Kenneth's site is up! He was one of my favourite lecturers at MMU and he helped me brainstorm for my FYP which quite frankly I think I couldn't have passed without his help. Way to go Kenneth!

- This is simply fun.

- A real eye-opener. *be's a tear jerker.

- Ching-a-ling's fab finds of thrifty goodies.

- idunnowhytheURLissolongbutthisissooooopweeettyyy



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