Sunday, May 24, 2009

TMJ (part 2)

I finally get down to visiting the dentist and I go to my moms dentist in Bagan Ajam. My mom introduces us and i say "Nice to meet you" and he goes "Really??? This is the first time I've heard someone was glad to meet a dentist!"

So anyway, after prodding around my mouth he asks me what the problem was. So I tell him that my splint (retainers) for the TMJ problem is torturing me. I first blogged about that way back in 2007. It had cut my gums - caused it to develop ulcers which were so bad I thought it was cancer. (not kidding!)

Yes i'm a lil bit Hypochondriac.

But anyway those went away as soon as i stopped wearing my retainers but my jaw is still lop-sided, and i still can't bite an apple or eat a burger, or sing or smile too wide, or chew meat etc.
Hence my sudden love for porridge.

Well this dentist then advised me to go get an Orthopedic assesment, x-ray my jaw and then perhaps visit the Maxillofacial surgeon again to seek alternate treatment and then perhaps visit an Orthodontist to fix the problem.

That's a whole string of different doctors in different places! After two years, its getting pretty tiring, but I sure hope someone would have an answer soon!

In the mean time.... I'm gonna be in BM a couple more days, so yeay!

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Blogger abszynth said...

He probably thought U being sarcastic :p I need to go to a dentist too...been putting it of far too long now but I hate them giganto needles and the drills. Bad bad teeth. Its not like I eat that much sweets. I think. How long you gona be in BM?

9:03 AM  
Blogger hoyden said...

haha i remember!
But better to just get it checked and be safe. :p

Girls night out soon ya!

1:56 PM  

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