Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weekly Picks

Also check out this weeks picks! Been a lil slow on the links lately cause I've actually been concentrating on working. (hah!)
For Real!

- This is seriously uber cool if you've got the patience and a ton of old casette tapes you wont ever use again.

- This is the official site for one of my favourite short film which helped me gain perspective when I was a bit uninspired. :)
Check it!

- Since my friend's planning her wedding on a low budget I started to surf around and came across Off Beat Bride. Totally cool ideas if you're planning for an unconventional type wedding. =D

- Melissa sent this video over and went on raving about this dude and I must say he's REALLY good! Check him out at Singindork888

- Jo told me bout this site called Worth1000 which is all about image editing and they've got contests running pretty often. SO if you think you're a Photoshop whizz, give it a try!



Anonymous Merr said...

singin dork!!! wooohoooo hahaha

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