Monday, September 28, 2009

I lie... (part 2)

I've recently stuck a sign on my monitor that reads "Live your theology". I got that while reading 'My Utmost for His Highest' one day which spurred my obsessive overanalysing of every action, thought and word that came out of me.

Someone once told me that i was too introspective and that I should just stop. Take a chill pill or something. But I think a number of things which I've encountered along the way have somehow shaped this person that I don't fully understand.

So anyway, today at breakfast, I was wondering if I was a pathological liar. I've blogged about it before. But today I almost got caught in a lie!

I was at breakfast with my cousin when this dude came by and sat at the table next to us. And he says, "Oh dear what happened to your eye?" And I'm like "I don't know, allergies maybe"

It wasn't a random question. My eye has been flaring up and itching and I'm all bug-eyed today.

"Why don't you use some eye drops. That might help" Like duhh! "Yeah I'll do that when I get to the office"

"Do you still work at Standard Charted?" "Umm.... no i've never been with Std Chart I work at Lot 10" "Which company?" My this guy sure is nosy...So I tell him the name of the The Company. "Which department?" Sudden PANIC!!! And I automatically blurt out the name the telco company under our arm. And he's like "OHH really? I work for WiMAX" ....The OTHER telco company under our arm. Double Panic!!!!

... owh shit! He's a colleague! And I silently pray he'll stop asking me any more questions. Like "say.... don't you look like the editor of our company and isn't your picture on our website?"

I thank God I didn't start of by lying about my name as I often do to strangers. In Thailand I was a Journalist named Eva. And in Vietnam I was a psychology graduate named Kara. It's not like these things are planned!!! I COULD have been a psych grad! :p

Well now I just hope I never see him again. Except maybe I will at The Company Christmas dinner. Sigh.... Then I'll have to cook up another lie. But boy do I have loads to analyse today. You're a strange one Mel.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

House S6 Premiere

I just finished watching House Season 6 premiere and holy cow i thought i was gonna cry when it opened with Radiohead's No Surprises. And Hugh Laurie is just so super awesome!!

I know I get a little carried away with the series but it's just darn good television man! And it ended with Seven Day Mile by The Frames which made me just want to kiss the guys from the sound department. It was soooooo GOOODD!!!

BTW, in case you're wondering, yes it IS Glen Hansard!!!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just for the moments...

Lately, I''ve been really enjoying my morning drive to work. I've learnt to not care too much bout the jam and to just use whichever route I fancy. It's also been a very crucial part of my day with The Big Guy and it's been pretty amazing.

Another reason I've been enjoying my drive is my Playlist. You see, I have a first generation iPod that's got about 13G filled with songs which I last updated in 2007 maybe. It's kinda busted now and I can't plug it in without crashing my com and the ipod as well. But it still plays fine. :)

I absolutely love the songs I have in there, but it does gets a lil boring sometimes cause I think at that period of time, I kinda over did the whole emo/post rock thing. And I think most of the indie bands in there are not so 'indie' anymore. :p

But anyway, as I was driving to work last week, this really awesome song came up and I haven't been able to stop listening to it since.

Take Off My Shoes

I’ll take off my shoes, I’m coming in,
Untie this rope, I’m staying with him,
Love of my life, I’ll live and die,
Just for the moments for my king and I.

Why did you call, why did you wait,
For someone so guilty, someone so fake.
There are no words for my beautiful song,
Now I’m in the arms of my beautiful one.

Hold me, blow all the pride from my bones,
With your fire.
Hold me, breathe on this heart made of stone,
Keep it pure.
Hold me, saviour of heaven and earth,
King forever.
Hold me, love of my life lead me on,
Through the fire, lead me on...

I’ll take off this crown and fall at your feet,
The secret of joy are the moments we meet.
How could a man with all of your fame,
Pull me from darkness and call me by name.

So hold me today, as I carry your cross,
Into the desert to find who is lost.
Look at my hands, they’re still full of faith,
God keep them clean till we finish the race.

Written by Delirious? ©2005

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fast for the Nation - Peace For Malaysia

6:00am: woke up to drink water. Got back into bed
6.50am: shucks! I'm late!
7.30am: leaves home for Klang's Tuanku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital. Praying and singing while I drive, asking The Big Guy to bless this day and help me not get lost in Klang. I'm thinking about Malaysia and somehow Malacca comes to mind. Strangeeee.
9.10am: check up over! (and with good news too! TMJ prob almost healed!)
*i need coffee* Jee where did that thought come from?
10 ish: Arrive at work and am immediately floored!
This is when it begins...*i need coffee* *coffeeee* *cooofffeeeeeeeee*
12ish: I start to feel headachy and my jaw starts to hurt too. And i'm antsy. Then the internet dies and i'm all like "HOW THE HECK AM I GONNA DO MY WORK NOW!" (in not so many words.)
And my whiny self just wont stop...*coffee fee fee feeee* *why are you torturing meeeee*..... *ok how bout Green Tea?*
1:00pm: Lunch time! And I decide to follow Fairuz out to do some window shopping. It's been months since i've been to Pavilion although i work just a hop, skip and jump away.
2:00pm: More work and I'm stressed to the max.
4.30pm: More nonsense flying my way.
6pm: Finallyyyyy time to breathheee. *Funky puasa breath (dats what Omar calls it)*

My good deed of the day.... I was nice to every single person I met. Like really nice. Like "top of the morning to ya' - please and thank you - I'll get the door for you - you look nice today - let me help you with that - i've got your back - sure i'll lend you RM200" sorta nice. So nice that you wouldn't believe it. No, I'm usually not very nice.
I frown a lot, and i mutter audibly at people who walk too slow in front of me, I get annoyed at kids on the street, I snap at people on the phone and i'm reallyyy realllyyyy impatient.
But today has thought me something perhaps. Being nice takes conscious effort! For real!
I think I'll try this again tomorrow.

But first, dinner with my bestie! Punjabi fooooodddddd! woohoo!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It's happening tomorrow! Mari kita sama-sama berpuasa :)

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Langkawi 09'

I was looking through some pictures and realised I hadn't posted bout my trip to Langkawi. Our spur of the moment trip. With one mission in mind. To get a tan. The weather forecast predicted showers and thunderstorms for the entire weekend! *drats!* But I prayed and prayed and was hot and sunny all weekend at Langkawi!!! *high fives The Big Guy*
Well... mom, since you've been asking for pics....check it!

Little prawn thingy with buggy eyes

Sea Urchin. They're only nice to look at. from afar.
preferably behind a thick Plexiglas.

Leafy Sea Dragon.

Jason cringing and totally not enjoying his massage.

Jason's version of chic lit.

Nice and tanned. That's all folks!

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Friday, September 04, 2009

the walk

Miss M, when your travel bug bites again, you should SO do something like this! =D (just the picture part not the growing a beard part)

The Longest Way 1.0 - one year walk/beard grow time lapse from Christoph Rehage on Vimeo.


Tuesday, September 01, 2009


One of my favs on RSS is Dooce who is such a rocking blogger she describes her baby as "soft and cuddly and smells like the farts of unicorns drunk on happiness and Sprite."
writing climbs a whole new level via Dooce. Also check out how she takes on the world via Twitter.