Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fast for the Nation - Peace For Malaysia

6:00am: woke up to drink water. Got back into bed
6.50am: shucks! I'm late!
7.30am: leaves home for Klang's Tuanku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital. Praying and singing while I drive, asking The Big Guy to bless this day and help me not get lost in Klang. I'm thinking about Malaysia and somehow Malacca comes to mind. Strangeeee.
9.10am: check up over! (and with good news too! TMJ prob almost healed!)
*i need coffee* Jee where did that thought come from?
10 ish: Arrive at work and am immediately floored!
This is when it begins...*i need coffee* *coffeeee* *cooofffeeeeeeeee*
12ish: I start to feel headachy and my jaw starts to hurt too. And i'm antsy. Then the internet dies and i'm all like "HOW THE HECK AM I GONNA DO MY WORK NOW!" (in not so many words.)
And my whiny self just wont stop...*coffee fee fee feeee* *why are you torturing meeeee*..... *ok how bout Green Tea?*
1:00pm: Lunch time! And I decide to follow Fairuz out to do some window shopping. It's been months since i've been to Pavilion although i work just a hop, skip and jump away.
2:00pm: More work and I'm stressed to the max.
4.30pm: More nonsense flying my way.
6pm: Finallyyyyy time to breathheee. *Funky puasa breath (dats what Omar calls it)*

My good deed of the day.... I was nice to every single person I met. Like really nice. Like "top of the morning to ya' - please and thank you - I'll get the door for you - you look nice today - let me help you with that - i've got your back - sure i'll lend you RM200" sorta nice. So nice that you wouldn't believe it. No, I'm usually not very nice.
I frown a lot, and i mutter audibly at people who walk too slow in front of me, I get annoyed at kids on the street, I snap at people on the phone and i'm reallyyy realllyyyy impatient.
But today has thought me something perhaps. Being nice takes conscious effort! For real!
I think I'll try this again tomorrow.

But first, dinner with my bestie! Punjabi fooooodddddd! woohoo!

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