Monday, September 28, 2009

I lie... (part 2)

I've recently stuck a sign on my monitor that reads "Live your theology". I got that while reading 'My Utmost for His Highest' one day which spurred my obsessive overanalysing of every action, thought and word that came out of me.

Someone once told me that i was too introspective and that I should just stop. Take a chill pill or something. But I think a number of things which I've encountered along the way have somehow shaped this person that I don't fully understand.

So anyway, today at breakfast, I was wondering if I was a pathological liar. I've blogged about it before. But today I almost got caught in a lie!

I was at breakfast with my cousin when this dude came by and sat at the table next to us. And he says, "Oh dear what happened to your eye?" And I'm like "I don't know, allergies maybe"

It wasn't a random question. My eye has been flaring up and itching and I'm all bug-eyed today.

"Why don't you use some eye drops. That might help" Like duhh! "Yeah I'll do that when I get to the office"

"Do you still work at Standard Charted?" "Umm.... no i've never been with Std Chart I work at Lot 10" "Which company?" My this guy sure is nosy...So I tell him the name of the The Company. "Which department?" Sudden PANIC!!! And I automatically blurt out the name the telco company under our arm. And he's like "OHH really? I work for WiMAX" ....The OTHER telco company under our arm. Double Panic!!!!

... owh shit! He's a colleague! And I silently pray he'll stop asking me any more questions. Like "say.... don't you look like the editor of our company and isn't your picture on our website?"

I thank God I didn't start of by lying about my name as I often do to strangers. In Thailand I was a Journalist named Eva. And in Vietnam I was a psychology graduate named Kara. It's not like these things are planned!!! I COULD have been a psych grad! :p

Well now I just hope I never see him again. Except maybe I will at The Company Christmas dinner. Sigh.... Then I'll have to cook up another lie. But boy do I have loads to analyse today. You're a strange one Mel.

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Blogger eric said...

hehehe... i found your post to be very amusing :P

11:52 AM  
Blogger hoyden said...

that's a good kinda amusing i hope.

1:17 PM  

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