Monday, September 14, 2009

Langkawi 09'

I was looking through some pictures and realised I hadn't posted bout my trip to Langkawi. Our spur of the moment trip. With one mission in mind. To get a tan. The weather forecast predicted showers and thunderstorms for the entire weekend! *drats!* But I prayed and prayed and was hot and sunny all weekend at Langkawi!!! *high fives The Big Guy*
Well... mom, since you've been asking for pics....check it!

Little prawn thingy with buggy eyes

Sea Urchin. They're only nice to look at. from afar.
preferably behind a thick Plexiglas.

Leafy Sea Dragon.

Jason cringing and totally not enjoying his massage.

Jason's version of chic lit.

Nice and tanned. That's all folks!

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Blogger afu-chan said...

besnya! (^^)

i like those underwater creatures, aliens!

6:15 AM  

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