Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the dreaded Flu

After two days of MC, I'm finally feeling much better! So I guess the doctor was wrong and I don't have AH1N1. (yeay!!)
She still wants me to get tested, but the hospitals I called said they don't screen if you don't have a fever. They'll just give you Tamiflu right away. But I haven't been near anyone that's sick neither has anyone around me gotten sick. So it can't be, right?

But i'm sure i'll be my full self by tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

I'm still sulking that I had to spend my birthday alone and in bed. Can I get a birthday do-over. With lotsa hugs and ice cream! (Thanks Mysh!)
and cupcakes too perhaps? :D



Blogger afu-chan said...

u spent ur burthday in bed??? that sucks!

patut la reply sms pun pendek ja haha!

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Merr said...

u get bowling this sunday...hahahah

11:59 PM  

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