Wednesday, January 20, 2010

in character

In my effort to get rid of the blues, I went to a reading/author meet-and-greet the other day. And it was one of the funnest/inspiring things I've done in awhile.

The writer - Sarah Butler, read a piece from one of the stories she wrote for a series she did with the London Underground. It's from a project called Central Line Stories. I absolutely loved it! (Read "Talking about the weather" on page 33)

Well people go to these things to sorta meet other writers, network and all that jazz. But I just needed to be inspired. I needed to just hear and be a part of an outside world for a bit, and it was good.

I might not be as outspoken as the 16-year old writer or the one which has already written 9,000 words of her novel. I might not get why everyone in that room spoke with a British accent seeing as they were all Malaysians.

But I connected with writers who i realise have the same problem in writing. Loss of flow, an under-developed character, or a too personal reflection of a character. Maybe even working on a story that seems to never have an ending. But the one advice Sarah gave to us that night, was a quote by someone named Jack Heffron, who said: "If you want to write, you must begin by beginning, continue by continuing, finish by finishing. This is the great secret of it all."

And so i'm writing again. Developing characters and trying not to make them so twisted but so far this one character reminds me of Edie Sedgwick. heh.

But I'm writing again, so for now, I think I'll enjoy that for a moment.


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