Thursday, January 14, 2010

making room for words

There's something annoying about staying home alone. I almost always have the tendency to seek out misery. This time, 'misery' came forth in a little DVD called Talentime. Yes the very one I bought last month, which was directed by the late great Yasmin Ahmad. I was whining before about how its a multi-language movie with NO SUBTITLES. But anyway, like I said, I sought to be miserable so I watched it. And right on cue the waterworks began.

It is truly an awesome movie. I mean all the important parts were in sign-language or Tamil and I still managed to cry buckets. But, plus side is... I probably understood like 40% of the Tamil conversations in that movie! Not bad I'd say!! :D

Now it's time to go read something happy. owhh and btw, Happy Ponggal everyone!

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