Monday, January 04, 2010

Scrumptiously Crunchable Turns 6!

My blog is officially 6 years old today!

Well I know I haven't been 'around' here much lately. There's just been soooooooo much going on. What with Christmas and New Year and owh wait a minute... HAPPPY NEW YEAR!

Well yeah a lots been happening. Some enlightening, some downright boring, some depressing while others; life changing. I've been thinking of a way to sum up 2009 and all I can say is... it's gone.

Mistakes made, words spoken, love lost, chances missed, they're all gone. Our failures in 2009 will NOT need to be re-lived. They're simply GONE.

2010 however marks another new beginning. Yes we're given new beginnings that often. What suckers we are to waste it. Well THIS new beginning will be filled with new days, new hopes, new dreams and new notebooks to fill in.

I shared at watch night service my hopes and dreams for 2010. It was more of a you-had-to-have-been-there moment. I can't quite bring to mind the exact words but I think what I rambled on was about having dreams and living it out.

So you guys, my One reader or according to Site Meter 22 readers occasionally and 45 readers on a good day, thanks for visiting and I hope you are ones that dream.

Yes, I hope you dream.

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Blogger weeliem said...

iwished i had blogged more in 2009. well, i'm gonna do that in 2010:)

11:33 PM  

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