Sunday, April 18, 2010

chocolate chip cookies

I've got this craving for cookies. Chocolate chip cookies to be exact. If i could have cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner; I would. Well I have before.... back in the day when I didn't have to worry about my ass equaling the circumference of the equator. heh.

ahh choc chip cookies. You complete me. Which is why I'm in a pickle right now. I can't have any! Because, I decided a perfect smile was worth the pain and sacrifice, I got my braces done. Investment of a lifetime, so they say.

And that night, i dreamt I could never ever eat chocolate chip cookies again. Like ever. Owh the horror! Maybe it was cause my doctor said to stay away from biscuits and crunchy food unless its the dunk-able kind. But dunk my choc chip cookies?? NO WAY!

So here I am with this insane craving, eating my 'sup sayur'. sighh. Twas a painful weekend, but guess what...i hear it's gonna get better! I've just got 2 more teeth to extract and then the back portion of my braces gets fitted in. SO that's a few more weeks of porridge and baby food. Oh Joy! :|

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