Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday storms

Watching the storm unfold from my window i notice the monkeys scuttling away deeper into the forest as a low rumble permeates the evenings silence from a distance. I'm sure the upcoming storm will leave uprooted trees, blocking the only entrance to my apartment tucked deep in this suburb.

As i gaze up at the darkening sky a lightning bolt smacks right into the tree top singeing the last traces of leafs and brances leaving the tall stump smoking with its tips charred black.

The thunder that followed rattled my window panes causing me to jump back a little but i held my ground watching the torrents of rain sweep past the hillside threatening the trees and shrubs in its way.

There goes the banana tree. A mini mud slide follows. I run around the house shutting all the windows. I'd forgotten that in my Sunday reverie and storm gazing. Just in time - my curtains are only very slightly wet.

I settle back into the couch and bury myself in a book of faeries and mythical creatures. The storm continues to run amok outside. Doors slam. Alarms go off after each roll of thunder.

The Fray's 'Unsaid' plays on my itunes. And i agree that "A hundred thousand words could not quite explain..."

This is my Sunday.

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